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Dear Bicycle Adventures Friends and Family,

I am asking for your help.  As you know, the Coronavirus is having a devastating impact on all businesses— a small business like ours that is focused on travel is particularly hard hit. While our guides are usually not with Bicycle Adventures on a full-time basis, they hold other jobs in the service and hospitality industry - it's what makes them so valuable to us. But it's also an industry that has come to a complete halt and now none of their jobs are available to them. 

I take pride in the fact I am involved in a small company within a giant industry. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors. However, our pockets don’t run as deep as larger corporations in other industries that are able to keep paying employees while their stadiums, stores, venues etc all sit idle. My employees rely on me, an individual, to keep our business going and guests on the road. We are not unique to this problem, but we are taking it personally.

Many of you have reached out to me asking how you can help. Thank you - I am incredibly grateful for your thoughts and concerns. 

I have set up a separate account specifically for the guides, and we will be providing assistance based on need through that account.  If you have the means and desire we would all greatly appreciate your kindness.

Three easy was to contribute through this website:

     1. Contribute to our Guide Relief Fund - Any amount will help and will be kept confidential and anonymous.

     2. Buy a Bicycle Adventures jersey or t-shirt - 50% will pay for the item and shipping and 50% will go to the guide fund.

     3. Purchase a Bike or Bike Parts for Charity - If you purchase anything from this store, we will donate it in your name to either the Village Bicycle Project or Self Enhancement Inc. (where James Kelly works when he's not guiding for us). We will provide you a tax deductible receipt.

Additionally, if you live in the Seattle Area or know someone that does, take part in our Warehouse Sale. We have a massive inventory of “retired” road, trail, hybrid and electric bikes along with all sorts of accessories, rear bike lights, tubes (our fleet is tubeless now), front and rear bike packs and many other accessories. Once the WA Stay at Home order is lifted, we will run this by appointment only. Please call 425 250 5540 or email to schedule an appointment or put a bike on hold. The full list of bikes for sale can be found here.

Thank you for your support,


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